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"I began the counselling process with Kate when my life felt completely out of control, and I was very low. Kate provided me with all the tools I needed to build a true sense of autonomy for the first time in my life. This process has been life changing for me and for my family." 

"By talking things through and looking deeper into myself and my past I was able to see how I’d let things affect me. I now have so much more confidence with myself and as a mother. I can let the past rest and enjoy my life and family for what it is now. When I look at the journey I’ve been through from my first session I’ve grown so much as a person."

"When I first started attending the group I had no idea how much my mums drinking had affected me. It was such a relief to be among people who were going through similar experiences and understood. It was good to be able to sit and just listen, cry your heart out and talk openly knowing it was all confidential. The support group soon became a vital part of my life."

"Working with Kate not only achieved but exceeded my expectations of what was available to me through our sessions.

Kate’s manner is very calming which in turn makes the environment as comfortable as it can be when you are navigating this minefield together.

Kate has the skill to present possibilities which can in turn create new paths of observation and discovery.

I have taken many of the lessons from our sessions & kept them for those days when they’re needed the most & for that I am eternally grateful for her exceptional work.  

I believe Kate’s balance between personal & professionalism is spectacularly ‘on point’ for keeping an eye on the job in hand. It is with this balance that she gives you the confidence of support but impartiality which still allows you to assess your discoveries with the greatest of clarity."

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