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I am an experienced therapist working with adults, couples and families in the Salisbury area. I offer both short term counselling and longer term/open ended therapy adjusting to your needs and preferences.

My approach is Humanistic Integrative. I graduated as a counsellor in 2003 from a training which provided me with a Psychodynamic base. This is a theoretical tool which seeks to explore the unconscious influence of our early experiences on our present day life. Additional training in Attachment Theory (an understanding of early development), Family Systemic Theory (how we adapt and change to the environments we live in) and Transactional Analysis (exploring the dynamics between people) have enriched and developed my practice. I am a trauma informed therapist, having attended additional professional trainings to ground me in this and provide an understanding of the role of our nervous systems in managing difficult and stressful life events and day to day anxieties.

My first career was in dance and theatre. Following my retraining as a therapist, I worked for 15 years for Action on Addiction (Clouds) Families department, providing services supporting those living alongside someone else's substance use. Whilst there I facilitated residentials, support groups and provided one to one counselling. I was also an integral part of the MPACT programme, as a developer, facilitator and trainer.

Currently, I also work for Redlands Counselling, training a new generation of counsellors at Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Above all I work in an open and relaxed way where the focus is on supporting you to find your own way forward

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